Numerology is part of esoteric teaching which discovers connections between numbers and human character and destiny. As you can see everyday, you are exposed buy various kind of numbers. It can be date of your birth, your phone number, social security number, credit card number etc.

Pythagoras, the most famous early mathematician, whose theories are still in use today (well known Pythagoras theorem) believed that math concepts were easier to regulate and classify than physical ones.

Numerologies uses the letters of your full name and your birth date and convert that to a single number. Every number has specific meaning.

Personally, numerology helped me a lot. First of all, it helped me to meet myself. I enhanced my hidden abilities and I discovered my hidden gifts and hidden talents. I saw my faults and weaknesses and I realized how to overcome it. All my life I've had problems with relationships. I didn't know how to solve this very important problem. I never wanted to believe that the problem was in me. Numerology discovered me what are my qualities and my faults, and what I have to improve(change) in myself, in order to be successful in my relationships.

Numerology helped me to realize what would be the best job for me and when is a good period to start my new business activities. I've never knew that I have some very interesting talents. That fact was a great and pleasant surprise for me. Now, I'm very satisfied with my job and I have a couple hobbies (playing guitar and acting :)). Don't think that my life is perfect now. No! Truth is that my life is easier than before.